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How do I register?    There are 5 ways to register for a class:

  • Online Registration: You can self register for classes 24 x 7 at, click 'Sign in' on left menu bar.  If this is your first time registering on this site, click 'Create New Student Profile' and build your own account.  Next, click Courses on left menu bar to browse through our online catalog.  When you find a class or classes you want to take, add them to your shopping cart, when all classes are in the shopping cart you can complete your registration via our secure web site.
  • By Phone:  Call our office at (757)789-7979.  Be sure to have your credit card available and be ready to provide us with the card number and card expiration date.

  • By Fax:  Complete registration form on the inside back cover of the catalog. Include personal contact numbers. Fax to Eastern Shore Community College at (757)789-7999.  Someone will call you so you may privately relay your credit card information and expiration date. 

  • By mail: Mail your completed Registration Form with check or money order to: Eastern Shore Community College, business office, 29300 Lankford Hwy, Melfa, VA  23410.

  • In person:  You may register in person at Eastern Shore community College, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

29300 Lankford Hwy

Melfa, VA 23410

How will I know if I got into a class?  When you self-register, after completing your credit card payment, you are registered and will receive a class confirmation and transaction receipt via email. 
If you register by phone or mail and you include an email address, you will receive an email confirmation and transaction receipt once your registration is processed.  If you do not provide an email address, we do/do not send a confirmation by mail. You can confirm your registration by calling (757)789-7979 or by emailing us at

What is your refund policy?  If a learner wishes to withdraw from a course and receive a refund, an official written request must be received by the Workforce Development/ Continuing Education Department by noon, no fewer than seven calendar days prior to the first class session. Requests may be submitted in person, via mail, email, or fax. Telephone notification without a written request will not suffice. All pre-paid fees will be refunded if the learner withdraws appropriately within this timeframe. If the learner withdraws after the cancellation deadline, no refund will be granted. Failure to attend class and/or stop payment of a check does not constitute an official withdrawal, and collection of all fees based on original course registration as well as any applicable returned check fees will be required in all such circumstances. There is a $20 charge for returned checks, including, but not limited to, “stop payment”.

What if I cannot attend a course as planned?  If you need to withdraw from a class, you must notify us at (757)789-7979/by mail at 29300 Lankford Hwy, Melfa, VA 23410 at least 7 full days before the class starts to be eligible for a refund / receive a refund.  

When there is low enrollment are classes cancelled?  In most cases we require at least number students for a class to run. You will be notified by email or telephone if your class is cancelled. The college name reserves the right to cancel classes with insufficient enrollment.  
If we have to cancel your class, you can request a full refund of your tuition or transfer to another course of your choice, space permitting.

How do I use this website?

Browse our catalog online:  Click courses from the left menu bar. Peruse by content area, search by keywords in the class name or description, and/or search by course number or class ID.  Full class descriptions can be found by clicking the class name.

Request a printed catalog: Click the catalog image in the top left corner to provide us with your mailing address and we will send you a catalog.

Sign in: If you are new to our site, you must create a new student profile. Creating a profile provides you with your own personal, password-protected account. Having an account will allow you to register online and track your class registrations.  Click "sign in" from the left menu bar and follow the prompts.
When building your profile, items marked with a red asterisk are required.  We highly recommend using your email address as your login.  The demographic information collected is optional, and is used by the college strictly for planning and statistical purposes. You will receive a copy of your username and password via email for future reference.
Once you create your student profile (and on subsequent visits after you sign in), you will see menu options that allow you to edit your profile, check your current registrations, and view your transactions and transcript.

Register Online: Browse through the catalog, when you find a class you are interested in, click “add to cart” button, continue shopping and when you are finished, from  the shopping cart, click “check out.”  Read and agree to the class refund policy, and click “check out” again.  Complete your registration on our secure site with your credit card. You can print your transaction receipt and class confirmation for your records in addition will receive a class confirmation and transaction receipt via email.  

How do I print a receipt?  To print a receipt for any classes, just sign in and select "My Transactions" from the left menu bar and locate the class. Under "Action", select "Print View" and print your receipt.

How do I print my transcript?  To print a current transcript of classes, just sign in and select "My Transcript" from the left menu bar. In the upper left corner is an export link, select the format you would like and print. If you need an official transcript, please contact our Information Specialist at (757)789-5927.
How do I update my profile?  You may edit or update your student profile at any time. After signing in, access the link entitled “My Profile” to change any of the information. Click “Edit” at the bottom of the page. You may then edit any the profile fields. When you are finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Submit”.

What are your policies for payment of fees?  When you self-register payment is by credit card only; we accept: MasterCard or VISA.  We do accept payment by cash, check, or money order however, this requires you to mail in your registration, or come to our office at:    29300 Lankford Hwy, Melfa, VA 23410.  If your registration is paid by your employer or any other third party, please contact us at (757)789-7979 or

How do I know if there is space available? If a class is already filled a waiting list button appears and you have the option of placing yourself on the waiting list.  If a seat becomes available we will contact you.

How do I access ed2go classes?  If you registered for an ed2go class, you will access your class through this web site by by:  
•    Sign in to this web site,
•    Click the Current Registrations dashboard or the menu link on left NAV bar
•    Locate your class then click the 'Go To Class' link 

NOTE:  You will also receive these instructions in your class confirmation.

If I am not sure what class to take, who can help me?  We have a number of program planners who would be happy to answer your questions.  Please contact us at (757)789-7979 or email and we’ll connect you to the right person. 

Continuing Education Waiver:  College Name assumes no liability for accidents that occur while participating in Continuing Education classes and provides no funds to cover medical costs. Participants are reminded that participation is entirely voluntary and are strongly urged to have their own health insurance. It is understood that participation is voluntary and Colleg

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